Adopt Alta Langa Lavender


During the last few difficult years when we have been beset by the global pandemic, we have all had time to think and to seek ways of surviving and reinventing ourselves.

If we have learnt one lesson, it is to understand that the rhythms dictated by the society in which we have grown up are just too frenetic and given to excess.  We have to try to reorientate ourselves towards a simpler, more genuine life.  This means turning to nature.

This happy resolution is what has driven my brother and I to re-evaluate our ancestral lands which, alas, have been partly left fallow for years and years.

We have strong ties to our village which lies in a little corner of the country which is intrinsically marvellous. We want to try to make our own contribution to further beautifying this enchanting countryside.

So, here we stand, ready to embark on a new adventure!

rosso lavanda murazzano adotta la lavanda


“I know of a spell that turns normal thoughts into wonder and imagination. It’s called a lavender field.”

rosso lavanda murazzano adotta la lavanda
rosso lavanda murazzano adotta la lavanda


The Langhe area is rich in wonderful landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world. The hills that characterize it offer breathtaking views in every season



Let’s enhance our territory together and surprise a special person by giving her our Lavender, a symbol of deep bonds and love.
A unique thought that will color the breathtaking landscapes of the Alta Langa even more.

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